This isnt a long post as me and Vedrana was only once, we met through a singles night a few mates of mine from work had dragged me to, we go to chatting discussing our works, at that time she was studying to become a barrister and had very little time so she spent what ever free time she had out having fun.

We talked for a while both understanding that our work takes up alot of our time and discussed how it had impacted any relationships we tried to have. Both knowing we had little chance of actually surviving if anything happend from this night but admiting we had a attraction to each other even tho it was just a superfical one and I decided to leave

Realising that as in the past if I make a bold move it usually pays off I said to her “Its highly unlikly with our work that we will ever meet again let alone have time to go on dates to then realise that we cant work due to our limited time, so instead let me take you out now, we will go eat, drink and have a good night tonight just so like me we can go home to our empty flats feeling happy even for a brief moment”.  She said yes and I took her to a bar next door and we starting having drinks and having a very frank chat about our sex lives, we discussed what our previous partners lacked and what we enjoyed, the convosation getting more and more sexual going from vague references to full blown detail.

After a few more drinks and her telling me that she lifes to have a dominating man and me saying I have never done that before she tells me to take her back to mine so she can leave a mark on my sex life.

We grab a cab and rush back to my flat once we are there we starting going at it, striping each other kissing our bodies and feeling every inch of her tanned firm body I throw her down on the bed and bury my drunken lust driven head in between her supple thighs and precede to try and give her the best orgasm she has had, after she came she switched she became very driven and incharge, she jumped up told me to lay on the bed and she tied me to the headboard and proceded to go down on me, teasing me, getting me to the point of climax and stopping after a times i managed to break free and i picked her up and pinned her against the wall her legs wrapped around my waist as I gave it to her up agains the wall as she repeatedly came I threw her onto the bed and took her from behind, after se came again she told me  to have anal with her and we did untill I came.

I then tired and fatiuged from our lust filled night fell asleep, once I had awoken she was gone. Without a number or anyway to contact her she was just a one night stand.

This brief encounter with Vedrana showed me that brief sex with someone you barely know can incredably enjoyable if not the best, this opinon would later change as i get involved in longer and more loving relationships but at the time this was my  belief.

She was a good looking women slim firm body and a look about her that wouldnt be out of place in a swing club with old fank playing in the background.

There wasnt much to this post as there wasnt much to this encounter she was intellegent to a level that made her a delight to talk to, and in bed she was amazing altho easy to please.

My next post is a bit more substantual as its a real relationship next with Louise

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That Guy



In the immortal words of Hank Moody, “A Morning of awkwardness is better than a night of loneliness”. This quote accuratly discribes my time with Sam.

Me and Angelica had been apart for a few weeks at this point and I had decided that being with someone at that moment in time was a bad idea and decided to do what I usually do when upset, throw me into myself into my work and it was working I was promoted to a better posistion and was doing some client light client managment due to the fact I could understand what the client needed because of this I was then sent to work at another office for a few weeks to over see some small clients, this is where I met Sam.

Sam was a tall slim brunette with blue eyes and a very beautiful and tanned face, she was only a temp at the time and I was working at the desk next to her, we got to chatting and we became quite friendly as she had only just started at the firm and didn’t really know anyone else, after a few weeks due to some good work between me and her we managed to keep a client from leaving the firm and we decided to celebrate this fact by having a few drinks with the rest of the team in a bar near by.

After some drinks, shots and my well established bad karoke people soon started to head home, till me, Sam and a few others where the only ones left. we started talking and I asked her how come she haddn’t left to go home to her boyfriend (we hadn’t discussed relationships) to which she told me she was single, she then asked me if I was going to head home now, I replied with no im not so she suggested trying to find somewhere we could go dancing.

We found a small bar near by that had a dance floor and was playing some swing music as they usually had theme nights so we popped in for a drink and a dance, after a while we was dancing on the dance floor (very poorly as we were very drunk) we started laughing and decided it was time to call it a night, I asked her if she wanted me to get her a cab home as I was staying at a hotel near by that the company had a perminant room, she said no and that she wanted to stay in the room to so she could get back to work to get her bag for the weekend and suggested I stayed with her. I wasn’t to this we had never given each other a hint we had found the other attractive and here she was asking me to go to bed with her, and feeling quite lonley after the Angelica situation I went with her.

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Sorry for the lack of post yesterday I was quite busy at work and unable to upload.

So lets move on to Angelica (19). A few months have passed since the end of Kathy and Amanda and I have decided to focus on my work more as I had just started working at a firm of trademark solicitors in central London and want to impress. This involved a few new aspects  of my life, an improvement in the clothing I wore and more importantly I had started smoking, (as a way of getting closer who also smoked).

During one of my smoke breaks I was out the front of my building alone, when a woman approached me and asked if I had a spare. She was a short women with shoulder length dark blond hair, freckles and a smile that made you want to smile. I of course gave her one and we chatted, she had just left her job and was looking to get a new one doing charity fundraising, after a while of talking to her and discussing her career prospects, I decided to come out with what must have been the worse line I ever could say “How about dinner? I wouldn’t be able to live with the idea of you starving”. She laughed and for some unknown reason agreed and gave me her number.

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Ok this one will be a long one and detailed.

I was 17 (again) and me and Amanda had decided to have a break from speaking to each other. During this time I had been speaking to a friend of her’s Kathy. Kathy was about 4 years older than me and a long-term friend of Amanda, we started talking and exchanged numbers. Once me and Amanda stop seeing each other for a bit me and Kathy started talking more and decided to  meet up and talk face to face, not being able to go to pubs (being underage) we decided to hang out in her car and talk.

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This is me


I don’t expect anyone to read this and it’s not my intention to get people to care about what I have done. This blog will detail the story of my love life  (im currently 25) with accounts from me about the various women I have been with, detailing how we met, how they made me feel, what it changed in me or my outlook on life and how it ended.

There will be a comment section should anyone want to give their opinion on why the believe these things happened and if i was in the wrong (spoiler I usually am)

I’m not trying to redeem myself i simply want to tell people very candidly what my life has been like and maybe stop people from making the same mistakes as i did.



I was 17 and very new to relationships. We met through a friend on mine who was dating her mate, we spoke alot on the phone. late night calls to the point where we fell asleep on the phone and texting every hour in the day. Altho there was a lot of contact with her it took a year before we actually met each other, once we did meet we didnt take things slowly, and slept with each other on the first meeting (in hindsight a bad move,but i was young and stupid). We slept together twice but never become offical, due to a long distance between where we lived and other constrants, I had a new job and she was studying alot. I did meet one of her mates lets call her Kathy, this would go on to get a bit more complicated but il save that for the next post. we tried to make time for each other but I want that intrested and wanted to be single for a while. It all came to a head when we decided it would be pointless us trying anymore after a long convosation and some revelations we split and said we will keep in contact.

We never did keep in contact, ocassional texts and chance meetings, shes getting married now to a guy she met just after our story. I feel the impact she had on my life wasn’t a major one but it did allow me to realise a few things.

1- Sex isn’t as important as its made out to be.

2- I am not a great person (explainsion in next blog)

3- Life is full of missed moments.

Could I have been happier if i had stayed and made it work like i could have? Maybe she was a great girl who would have done anything to keep me happy but im glad it ended as she is now with a bloke that I believe is her perfect other half.

Welll.. thats my first lover, i can go into more detail if people would like in the comment section feel free to ask questions. Also if you want more about the sex side do let me know as i can adjust how i write.

My next post will be about Kathy (i know i know) and will be up within the next hour

Thank you for reading this if you have lasted this long.

That Guy